NATO exercise Noble Jump 2017 begins

British forces disembarking a Point class sealift vessel.

UK Defence Journal, By George Allison, 31 May 2017

Forces from a number of NATO countries will deploy a significant number of soldiers, vehicles and helicopters to Romania to test the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force concept.

Exercise Noble Jump 17 is a logistical challenge that the Ministry of Defence say will test the ability of all the participants to deliver a fighting force to wherever it is needed.

Greek Armed forces contributed along with the local police and sea-port authorities ensuring the safety and smooth disembarkation of the UK military vehicles and trucks, pictured above.

The movements will all be controlled by NATO’s Multi-National Division South East HQ, based in Bucharest. The VJTF is kept on short notice to move and is able to deploy a powerful well-trained force within days. This year, it is being led by the UK’s 20 Armoured Brigade.

Overseeing the VJTF’s training at Cincu will be a combination of Joint Force Command Naples, Multi-National division South East and the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

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