On this day: 1982

BBC,, 25 May 2017

1982: Dozens killed as Argentines hit British ships

Dozens of men are feared dead in the seas around the Falkland Islands after the container ship Atlantic Conveyor and the destroyer HMS Coventry were hit by Argentine missiles.

HMS Coventry managed to destroy two Argentine Skyhawk planes with Sea Dart missiles. Another wave of Skyhawks hit her four times with 1,000 bombs. She capsized, losing 21 of her crew.

An explosion and a fireball swept through the operations room. The ship listed to port and the crew and wounded made their way to the upper decks from where they were rescued.

It is thought the Atlantic Conveyor, owned by Cunard, was mistaken for the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes.

She was attacked by two Super Etendards which fired French-built Exocets like the ones that sunk the Coventry’s sister ship HMS Sheffield on 4 May.

One of the eight men still unaccounted for on the container ship is her master, Captain Ian North.

Bill Slater, Managing Director of Cunard, said he was a “remarkable man… very well known in the industry generally and this is typified by the messages of sympathy we’ve received from all over the world”.

Two Exocets were fired at the Atlantic Conveyor.

Only one struck home but it was enough to damage the ship seriously.

The Defence Ministry hopes some of the supplies carried by the Atlantic Conveyor can be salvaged.

All the Harrier jump jets aboard have been flown off and some of the helicopters and other supplies could be saved because the vessel is still afloat and upright.

There are now 43 British merchant ships serving with the task force. Cargo vessels and tankers for fuel and water form a conveyor belt of supplies between Britain and the South Atlantic.

Three passenger ships have also been taken over as hospital and troop ships.

The operation is costing the government around £5m a week, employing 2,000 members of the Merchant Navy.

We survived.

he 25 of may is a crucially important day for the Argentinians. Had we not protected the people of the Falklands, the community that lives there would have either been re-located, or come under Spanish/South American rule.

Thatcher aside, let us not forget our brave guys.

5 responses to “On this day: 1982

    • No doubt at all John. What disturbs me is that (because of the ‘liberal’BBC), He is being portrayed as a strong and stable leader. He is giving out promises like he is running a sweet shop, Diane Abbot is controlling the finances. She is the worst instigator of ‘talking down to people’. They are convincing the over 65s and the under 25s. It must stop!

  1. I worked with the daughter of one of the VC winners of the flatlands war for a few years and never knew it until after I left. She never spoke of it or even suggested who she was. I can see why too, a lovely girl whose father was taken from her at such a young age.

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