Electro magnetic, cyber warfare systems contract awarded to Raytheon

Raytheon uses its Global Cyber Solutions Center in Dulles, Virginia, to demonstrate computer security.

UPI Defense News, By Stephen Carlson, 13 May 2017

Raytheon has been awarded a $10 million contract for high power electromagnetics, or HPEM, systems and cyber electronic warfare systems.

The contract is designed to enhance capabilities regarding cyber and electronic warfare for the Department of Defense. The work includes experimental projects, demonstration projects and applications of current technology concerning HPEM systems.

The work will be conducted at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. It is expected to be completed by August 15th 2020. The work is awarded on a competitive basis with six contracts considered.

Fiscal 2016 research, development, testing, and evaluation funds for $104,581 have already been obligated to the program, the Department of Defense announced Wednesday.

The program is meant to enhance the military’s abilities in electronic warfare. Sponsoring the effort are officials of the Directed Energy Directorate’s High Power Electromagnetic Division, Cyber/ Electronic Warfare Applications Program.

The contract includes evaluation, testing and research concerning the use of electromagnetic radiation in cyber and electronic warfare.

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