Russian Navy will receive new K-328 Leopard submarine equipped with cruise missiles in 2018

UAWIRE, 29 April 2017

In 2018 the Russian Navy will receive the first multipurpose nuclear submarine, a K-328 Leopard, modernized in accordance with the 971M project, Izvestia newspaper reports, citing a representative of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center, Evgeniy Gladyshev.

“With their technical and military characteristics, the modernized vessels will meet the fleet requirements for a multipurpose 4th generation nuclear-powered submarine,” Gladyshev told the paper.

The Leopard will be fitted with a Kalibr missile system, modern radio-electric equipment, and powerful hydro-acoustic stations.

“With their technical characteristics the Akula [class] (Shark) submarines will get closer to the most modern Russian Yasen-class submarines. The new 971M submarines have already been nicknamed Supersharks by the navy, the newspaper writes.

It was also indicted by the main headquarters of the Navy, that four ships are being modernized, the K-328 Leopard, the K-461 Volk, the K-391 Bratsk, and the K-295 Samara. The Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center was assigned to conduct the modernizations.

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