Saab gets RBS15 MK3 maintenance order from Polish navy

RBS15 Mk.3 Surface-to-Surface Missile

UPI, By Ryan Maass, 19 April 2017

April 19 (UPI) — The Polish navy has contracted Saab to perform maintenance and logistics support for the service’s RBS15 MK3 surface-to-surface missile system.

Poland has been procuring the missile system since 2006 as a naval defense solution for its warships. The weapons are typically equipped to the country’s Orkan-class fast attack craft. Saab’s deliveries are expected to take place between 2017 and 2018.

“The RBS15 Mk3 is a world leading surface-to-surface missile system providing excellent performance in all weathers,” Saab’s Michael Höglund said in a press release. “It is a vital part of the ship-borne Polish Navy offensive capability and we are happy to assist the Naval Port Gdynia in their professional work ensuring the readiness and availability of this versatile and powerful missile system.”

Saab markets the RBS15 MK3 as the most modern surface-to-surface missile system on the market.

The RBS15 MK3 is a long-range weapon designed for anti-ship engagements, and can be integrated with any type of vessel. It features a prelaunch programmable active radar seeker, which enables a fire-and-forget capability in all weather conditions.

The system is jointly produced by Saab and Germany-based contractor Diehl Defense.

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