Vandal attacks Polish ‘Cursed Soldiers’ mural

Part of Gdańsk’s mural to “Cursed Soldiers”. Photo: PAP/Adam Warżawa.

Radio Poland, 16 April 2017

Local police are investigating the vandalism.

The 160-metre long mural, which was commissioned by Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance and completed less than a year ago, commemorates Szendzielarz and a number of other so-called “Cursed Soldiers” who fought against the imposition of communism in Poland.

Poland’s official underground army (AK) was disbanded in January 1945, but thousands of Poles continued to fight in other formations, as the Red Army extended its grip across the country.

Szendzielarz was arrested in 1948, transported to Warsaw and imprisoned by the communist authorities. He was interrogated about 50 times. In a show trial, he was sentenced to death, and executed in February 1951. (vb)

Source: PAP

2 responses to “Vandal attacks Polish ‘Cursed Soldiers’ mural

  1. How pathetic! It’s like the people who vandalise either Jewish or Moslem graves. If you have a problem with people, have the courage to speak up to their face.

    • I couldn’t agree more John. It is an affront to those who had the courage to stand up for their beliefs. As you say, those who desecrate memorials lack courage and possess ignorance in abundance.

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