NATO chief: No military threat to Baltics

The Baltic Times, 18 March 2017

COPENHAGEN – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance sees “no imminent danger” of a conventional military assault in the Baltic Sea region.

Stoltenberg says “we are worried” about Russia’s actions and possible intentions, but at the same time “it is important that we do not dramatize the situation.”

In recent months, NATO military forces have been deployed into countries bordering Russia after Moscow’s annexation of Crimea prompted fears that other ex-Soviet republics — including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — could be next.

Stoltenberg said Friday the 28-member alliance sees “almost all the time” fear of terror and cyber-attacks but nothing indicating “a conventional military assault against a NATO country, and not even the Baltic countries.”

He was in Copenhagen to meet with Danish government.

2 responses to “NATO chief: No military threat to Baltics

  1. I think he’s right in what he’s doing. This situation could get out of hand and a reigning in is perhaps needed to keep the situation peaceful and actions open.

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