Ilmavoimat Baana 2016 exercise – a triumph of ‘rough-field’ operations


, Business Insider UK.

The Finnish Air Force completed Baana 16, a military exercise where they practiced launching F-18 Hornets and BAE Systems Hawk trainer planes off of highways. The exercise was completed in October of last year.

The videos show F-18 Hornets, BAe Hawks, Saab Gripens and a CN-295 smoothly launching off the highways and even landing with improvised arresting gear.

In a war situation, when airfields make attractive targets for enemy missiles and airstrikes, having the capability to launch from unconventional, unexpected places becomes a huge asset.

Sweden also participated in the exercise using their domestically built Saab Gripen jets, according the a Finnish release.


3 responses to “Ilmavoimat Baana 2016 exercise – a triumph of ‘rough-field’ operations

  1. Sweden leads the way when it comes to flying off roadways and temporary runways. Finland has also embraced this showing what an important feature it is. With airfields being prime targets and easily knocked out, they make a great alternative.

    • It’s a very effective tool in their arsenal for sure Andy. Aircraft dispersal is extremely important when employed against superior forces. The fact that both Sweden and Finland employs this effective tactic and regularly hones the skills of their pilots and groundcrews in this crucial area, demonstrates a clear message to any would-be aggressor that attacking airfields and infrastructure alone will not be enough to secure air superiority.

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