Poland Drops Caracal Helicopter Talks With Airbus.

Airbus H225M Caracal

Airbus H225M Caracal

By: Jaroslaw Adamowski, Defense News

WARSAW, Poland — The Polish Ministry of Economic Development has announced the end of negotiations over a potential offset deal with Airbus Helicopters, indicating that the Ministry of Defence will not purchase Caracal military transport helos for the country’s military.

“Poland considers the negotiations with Airbus Helicopters on an offset agreement related to the contract to purchase multi-purpose helicopters to be terminated. The contractor did not present an offset agreement that would sufficiently secure the economic interest and security of the Polish state,” the Development Ministry said in a statement.

The statement said the procurement was estimated to be worth about 13.5 billion zloty (US $3.5 billion).

“The value of a proposed offset agreement should total at least this amount,” the Development Ministry said.

The latest move indicates that Poland will most likely revise the previous cabinet’s decision from April 2015 to award a deal for 70 Caracals to Airbus Helicopters.

The Defence Ministry aims to hand the largest possible share of procurements to companies that produce their gear in Poland, and both companies own production facilities here. Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz has said that the ministry is considering the purchase of Black Hawk and AW149 helos from Lockheed Martin and Leonardo, respectively. Lockheed Martin’s subsidiary PZL Mielec makes the Black Hawk, while Leonardo’s PZL Swidnik offshoot produces the AW149.

The Development Ministry said that the government’s priority is to “guarantee the security of the state and ensure sufficient conditions for the development of the Polish defense industry.”

Macierewicz is expected in November to present the priorities of Poland’s updated Technical Modernization Plan for the Polish Armed Forces to the parliament’s National Defense Committee.


8 responses to “Poland Drops Caracal Helicopter Talks With Airbus.

    • I completely agree Andy. Unfortunately the new government in Poland is hesitating over just about every defence contract that was signed before November of last year. This situation is ominous for the Polish military and the defence of their borders.

      • It seems to be purely an internal issue Andy. The new government is apparently very right-wing and not co-operating with the EU. They have already been under investigation by the European Commission in January for ‘non-compliance’ with EU laws. The EU fears that Poland may go it alone politically. There are certainly internal differences between senior party leaders of the majority ‘Law and Justice’ party, which forms the new Government in Poland. Internal strife has meant that issues such as defence are contentious, and as such, decisions are seriously delayed.

  1. I am just puzzled as to.why a helicopter is called “Caracal” which is a medium sized car with huge ear tufts. I fully agree with the previous comment, though. The people of Poland need to have a share in whatever their government purchases.

    • It is a curious choice of name John. I agree entirely that the Polish people should have a share in whatever their government purchases. One can only hope they can agree on a decision soon. Not only on the helicopter contract, but the missile defence shield and their F-16 spares contract too.

  2. I agree with Andy, I don’t think the Caracal has much of a Chance being the outside product. I would have said the Black Hawk will definitely win it but with the cancellation of Patriot and the problems with the Polish F16s you reported on i think the US are not as attractive to Warsaw when it comes to arms as they once were. The AW149 is a competent design but it is the least proven of the three contenders even given that it is based heavily on the AW139

    • I think the Blackhawk probably has the best chance, though having said that, with the current instability within the present government in Poland, it’s going to be difficult to predict what happens with any military defence procurement programmes in the foreseeable future. Thanks for your comment Tony.

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